Regents' Outstanding
Teaching Awards

James L. Newsom, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer; Director of History Internship Program

Department of Political Science & History

College of Arts and Sciences

UT Tyler

Teaching has allowed me to interact, associate, and befriend thousands of people in our region and even across the world.  Each contact has broadened my perspective, transformed my world view, and made me better because of the time I have spent with them.

Dr. Newsom has been at UT Tyler since 2000. He is the author of a forthcoming book, Grand Phalanx of Intrepid Infantry: The 7th Texas. He has presented to numerous historical groups such as the Sons of the Texas Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Daughters of Confederate Veterans and has given numerous on-campus and off-campus Constitution Day lectures.

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