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Teaching Awards

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Dr. Holly Hungerford-Kresser

Associate Professor

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

College of Education

UT Arlington

My own experience as a student also contributes to my approach to teaching. I recall what I liked most about my professors and that was their warm personalities, their knowledge, and application of materials, their sense of humor, and just being able to relate to students.

Holly Hungerford-Kresser received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in literacy studies from The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to earning her terminal degree, she was a high school teacher overseas and in Texas. Currently, she works in the College of Education at The University of Texas at Arlington in teacher education. Dr. Hungerford-Kresser prepares future literacy teachers, and is the coordinator of the secondary education program at UTA. Her research focuses on college and career readiness, underserved student populations, and their intersections with teacher preparation.