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John William Zweck, Ph.D.


Department of Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

UT Dallas

Dr. John Zweck is a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Science/Mathematics Education at The University of Texas at Dallas. He obtained a B.Sc. with honors from the University of Adelaide, Australia in 1988 and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Rice University in 1993. After several short term positions, Dr. Zweck became an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County where he was granted tenure in 2006. He joined UT Dallas in 2012.

Dr. Zweck has collaborated with faculty colleagues and over 30 graduate teaching assistants and 60 undergraduate learning assistants on a small group active learning method for the Calculus III course he coordinates. While solving problems together in small groups, students learn to communicate mathematics with each other, construct conceptual frameworks that will enable them to tackle future challenges in science and engineering, and grow their ability to learn mathematics for themselves. Dr. Zweck also designed a collection of 3D-printed models of curves and surfaces that students use to enhance their conceptual understanding and improve their geometric visualization and problem solving skills.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Zweck's research has ranged from theoretical work in differential geometry and analysis to more applied collaborations on the development of theory, models, and numerical algorithms for the computational simulation of fiber lasers, plasmas, trace gas sensors, and optical fiber communications systems. This combination of theory and applications informs his classroom teaching.

Dr. Zweck's research and teaching innovations are supported by the National Science Foundation. He has been awarded two U.S. patents, has over 90 research publications, and received the President's Teaching Excellence Award in Undergraduate Instruction at UT Dallas in 2022.