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Thank you Robert, for that introduction, for your leadership of TxEDC, and for being such a great partner to the University of Texas System.  Thanks to Chairman Daniel and everyone at the Texas Workforce Commission as well.

Texas’s greatest strength is its people, and we all want to make the most of that strength by making sure Texas workers – and by extension, Texas enterprises and organizations of all kinds – can compete, win, and prosper.

It’s on all us to produce the kind of workforce Texas needs… Continue reading →

- Arlington

(as prepared)

Thank you, Montez, for the introduction and for inviting me to participate today.  It’s a pleasure to virtually be with you all.

President Jackson and I connected when he reached out through Linkedin, and I look forward to seeing all of you in person when that’s a thing again.  I wanted to provide a little background today on the UT System and how I think about and approach my job as Chancellor.

I’ve been in higher education for more than thirty years.  I’m not sure I remember why I… Continue reading →

- Austin, TX


Thank you, Chairman Eltife. And thank you, Madame Chairman and members of the Senate Finance Committee. I am JB Milliken and it is my honor to join you on behalf of The University  of Texas System.

The people of the state of Texas, through their elected leaders, have made significant investments in public higher education, which has been key to our state’s success. Last session, your support of funding formulas, along with enrollment growth, was critical. Your creation of new mission specific… Continue reading →

- UT System

As you know, Monday is the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the true heroes of American history.  Dr. King’s life was, in many ways, uniquely American.  But the impact of his message – and more importantly, his actions – transcends national boundaries, which is why his birthday is observed in countries around the world.

Dr. King knowingly put his life on the line, enduring harassment, threats, beatings, imprisonment, bombings – and ultimately paying the highest price – trying to bring our country closer to… Continue reading →