Welcome to Finish@UT

Fully Online Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

The University of Texas System is pleased to offer the opportunity for former or prospective UT students who started but have not completed their degree, to Finish@UT! These fully online bachelor’s degree completion programs, offered through participating UT institutions, are designed to help you advance in your career, achieve your personal academic goals and meet your standards of quality education. With several degree options, you are able to choose areas of concentration that meet your interests and career goals.

The degree programs are designed for students to complete online courses offered through multiple different participating UT institutions. Once you are finished, you will obtain your diploma from the participating accredited University of Texas System institutions where you have been admitted: The University of Texas at Arlington, The University of Texas at El Paso, The University of Texas Permian Basin, or The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

If you are a prospective or former UT student interested in completing your degree online at UT, click on the Former/Prospective-UT Students link above to learn more about the degree programs offered and to apply for admission at a participating UT institution.

Cross-Campus Online Courses for Enrolled Students

The Finish@UT Program also maintains a cross-campus registration system for currently enrolled UT students to register for online courses offered at other participating UT institutions, if that course is not available at their "home" campus when they need it. The Cross-Campus registration portal streamlines registration and exchange of information between students, campus advisors, registrars, and financial aid officers to facilitate transcription of credit as either institutional or transfer credit.

If you are a current UT student not able to find the course you need at your campus when you need it, click on the Current UT Students link, above to learn more about our cross-campus registration portal, and to search and register for online courses offered at other participating UT institutions.