Office of Collaborative Business Services

Coworkers collaborating at a meeting discussing ideas

The UT System Office of Collaborative Business Services (OCBS) executes and manages valuable, multi-institutional supply contracts (through its Supply Chain Alliance group) and deploys valuable business process automations (through its Intelligent Automation Services Group). 

Our objective is to leverage the collective size and strength of UT System institutions to achieve better savings and business efficiencies than any institution could achieve on its own. In short, our institutions are “better together”!

While OCBS staff are employed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, they perform a UT System-wide function.  Importantly, the strategy, budget and work plans of OCBS are determined by the UT System Collaborative Business Services Executive Committee. The Committee’s members are the Chief Business Officers of the institutions comprising The University of Texas System, including UT System Administration.

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