Intelligent Automation Services Group

Started in October 2018, with an initial focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this initiative has a significant opportunity to help each UT System institution “to do more with the same." Automating manual, mundane, repetitive, rules-based tasks that can be done outside of normal business hours may be very advantageous in controlling administrative costs in the years ahead.

  • Reduce operating cost and/or increase revenue

  • Increase productivity, reduce errors and improve quality

  • Reduce exposure to risks and enhance compliance

  • Enhance customer service

  • Increase employee satisfaction

  • Improve information available for decision-making and planning

The IASG offers low-cost, value-based (driven) solutions to UT System institutions to automate their business processes.


  • Webinars and education programs

  • Business Process Analysis for automation

  • Automation Design and Development

  • Hosting and Monitoring Services

  • Consulting Services

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