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Why do we have a HUB Program?

It's the law. During the 1999, 76th Legislative Session, Senator West and Representative Dukes coauthored language in Senate Bill 178, that encourages state agencies to provide procurement and subcontracting opportunities to HUB vendors.  On August 9, 1990 the University of Texas System Board of Regents approved the Policy of Contracting with Minority, and Female-owned small businesses, later renamed the Historically Underutilized Business Policy, establishing its commitment to “promote full and equal opportunity for all businesses to supply the goods and services needed to support mission, administrative, and logistical operations of U. T. System Administration and U. T. System component institutions.” During the 83rd legislative session, the Service Disabled Veterans category was added to the HUB Program.

The HUB Program helps the economy. Small businesses create 7 out of 10 new jobs in America and account for more than half of the output of our economy. It builds stronger relationships with the communities we serve. With over 13,032 certified HUBs receiving business from state agencies, these companies are likely to continue to build stronger connections with the state.

What does the UT System HUB program do?

  • Ensure compliance by UT System throughout the procurement process
  • Publicize the HUB program
  • Assist HUB vendors in finding opportunities with UT System and UT System institutions 
  • Promote contract opportunities to Minority, Woman-owned and Service Disabled Veteran Community

Why should a business be HUB certified?

In order to comply with state law, state agencies must put forth a good faith effort to use HUB vendors. If a business becomes HUB certified they have:

  • Access to bid opportunities through the Centralized Master Bidder List (CMBL).
  • Access to a list of state agency HUB Program Coordinators who can introduce these certified businesses to their agency procurement officers.
  • A free listing in the HUB directory.  All state agencies use the HUB directory to identify eligible minority and/or women-owned businesses for their procurement opportunities/bids. 

Note: State Agencies may use minority and women-owned vendors who are not HUB certified, but agencies cannot count those expenditures toward HUB participation.