Employee Relations

When people from different backgrounds work together, workplace issues may occur. These issues are often misunderstandings that can be quickly resolved through better communication. However, more complex disputes may require the intervention of trained professionals. At The University of Texas System, our employees are our most critical asset and we are committed to promoting a fair and supportive working environment. The Office of Human Resources offers a variety of resources to help resolve issues, maintain effective working relationships and ensure policies are applied equitably. HR Business Partners are vital resources available to work preemptively and effectively with staff and managers to help resolve workplace concerns.

What we offer:

  • Confidential consultations for staff at all levels
  • Neutral resolution of workplace conflicts
  • Customized training for groups and departments
  • Individual and group coaching and mentoring
  • Management of HOP 3.7.3: Discipline/Dismissal of Employees

How we can help:

  • Mediate departmental issues
  • Smooth reorganization transitions
  • Design clear performance plans
  • Provide early intervention prior to discipline
  • Conduct informal mediations
  • Resolve performance appraisal and corrective action disputes
  • Listen impartially to staff concerns
  • Management best practices guidance
  • Effective communication training
  • Assistance with harassment, bullying, discrimination and retaliation
  • Answer policy and compliance questions

To schedule a consultation appointment:

Contact your HR Business Partner to request an appointment. Include your name, phone number and/or email address, a brief description of your issue, and whether a morning or afternoon slot is better for an initial appointment. 

If you are considering filing a formal grievance, then please reach out as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.



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