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We are dedicated partners focused on maximizing the value of human capital in alignment with the values and initiatives of UT System. We are committed to delivering quality customer service and encourage innovation to support and optimize the goals of UT System.


Identity Protection Services

With an increase in cybercrime, identity fraud and other malicious online crimes, we encourage you to take advantage of the Identity Protection Services offered through BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. Please visit Identity Protection Services to learn more.

Magician Show

A recording of the magician show featuring Gary Ferrar is available online. This recording is available to UT System employees only and requires login credentials.

Gary the Great recorded video


Flu Shots

Each October, Austin-based System Administration employees are typically invited to participate in an on-site flu shot clinic hosted by UT System’s Office of Talent and Innovation.  But given the COVID-19 precautions in place, including telecommuting and physical distancing requirements, we will not be offering an on-site flu shot clinic in the UT System Building this year. The health and safety of our workforce is paramount.

UT SELECT plan members continue to have access to flu shots covered at 100% through the pharmacy and medical plans. According to the CDC, reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, including the flu, is more important this fall and winter than ever.  We encourage you to consider getting a flu shot using one of the following convenient options:

1.  The retail pharmacy network through Express Scripts.  To find an in-network retail pharmacy, members may call 1-800-818-0155 or log in to A prescription is not required to receive a flu shot at a local retail network pharmacy and the vaccine is not subject to the prescription plan deductible or co-payment. Members should present the UT SELECT prescription card.

2.    By visiting a physician under the UT SELECT plan.  To find a network physician, members may call 1-866-882-2034 or go to to find a list of providers. Members should present their UT SELECT medical card. You may incur a fee if the flu shot is not the primary purpose of your visit or if the doctor bills for additional services that are not preventive.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to bringing back the on-site flu clinic in future years when we have returned to more normal working conditions.