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Chancellor’s Centurions’ Charitable Mission Supports First-Generation Students

The Chancellor’s Centurions have launched a new giving program dedicated to supporting the academic success of first-generation students at UT institutions. 

Centurions walk through UTSA central campus

UT San Antonio, the site of the Centurions’ Spring Meeting on March 31, 2023, became the inaugural recipient of the new program. During the Spring Meeting, Centurions Chair Kevin Zlotnik announced a $25,000 gift to the university’s First to Go & Graduate Program. The gift also includes funding from the UT System’s Chancellor’s Council Executive Committee.

Next spring, the Centurions will support UT Dallas’ Undergraduate Success Scholars program. Each ensuing year, the Centurions will select similar programs to support across UT institutions.

“The donation will help us continue to empower our students to reach their full potential,” said Tammy White, UTSA’s vice provost for student success.

Centurions listening to a tour at UTSA

The First to Go & Graduate Program promotes academic success, persistence and the successful graduation of participating students. It features a mentorship program where first-generation upperclassmen guide and counsel newer first-generation students at UTSA. Through regular meetings with peer mentors, students build on the assets they bring with them to UTSA as first-generation college students and learn new skills in the process.

During the Centurions’ visit to UTSA, members toured the Main Campus, learned about student success programming and heard from a panel of first-generation students who spoke about their personal experiences at UTSA.

A group of centurions touring UTSA on while listening to a guide