Employee Advisory Council



Executive Committee

From Left: Jim Smiley, Karla Iscapa, Shannon Rios, Edward Gonzales
FY 2017 EAC Executive Committee








The Executive Committee membership is composed of the EAC Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Historian. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for all meetings, recommends changes in the EAC Organization Guidelines or procedures, and provides overall and general guidance and direction for the EAC. Additionally, the Executive Committee serves as an information resource and sounding board for the Chancellor on issues of importance to UT System Employees.

Executive Committee for Fiscal Year 2017:

Jim Smiley (UT HSC Houston), Chair
ph: 713.500.8403

Edward Gonzales (UT Arlington), Vice Chair
ph: 817.272.7496

Shannon Rios (UT San Antonio), Secretary
ph: 210.458.6786

Karla Iscapa (UT El Paso), Historian
ph: 915.747.5879

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees may be appointed to assist the EAC with its work. These committees may include institution officers or employees who are not EAC representatives; however, the chair of the ad hoc committee must be a current EAC representative. The organization and constituency of ad hoc committees will be determined by the nature of the task.

FY 2017 Ad Hoc Committees

Communications/One System One Voice

From Left: Naomi Emmett, Edward Gonzales, Venetta Williams, Paige Buechley, Joe Gregory, Valerie Buchanan, Lorraine Wright
One System One Voice Committee
Valerie Buchanan
Paige Buechley (Chair)
Naomi Emmett
Joe Gregory
Venetta Williams
Lorraine Wright
Edward Gonzales (Exec Committee Sponsor)



Regents Outstanding Employee Awards

Back Row: Forrest Cain, Paula Austell, Sally Thompson/ Front Row: Tania Secrest, Julia Spesivtseva, Shannon Rios
Regents Outstanding Employee Awards Committee
Paula Austell (Chair)
Forrest Cain
Tania Secrest
Julia Spesivtseva
Sally Thompson
Shannon Rios (Exec Committee Sponsor)





Benefits, Compensation & Salaries

From Left: Bobby Yanez, Sonia Meinert, Jeannie Farahnak, Tara Cooper, Karla Iscapa, Frank Valiulis
Benefits, Compensation and Salaries Committee
Tara Cooper
Jeannie Farahnak (Chair)
Sonia Meinert
Frank Valiulis
Bobby Yanez
Karla Iscapa (Exec Committee Sponsor)





Employee Satisfaction

From Left: Jim Smiley, MaryAnn Tant, Lettie Longoria, Maribea Merritt, Maricia Alleman, Sally Bouis
Employee Satisfaction Committee
Maricia Alleman
Sally Bouis
Christian Corrales (Chair)
Benji Hawkins
Lettie Longoria
Maribea Merritt
Mary Ann Tant
Jim Smiley (Exec Committee Sponsor)