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Insurance Plan Videos

UT Benefits Annual Enrollment Employee Highlights: Plan Year 2015-2016 
(7:41 min) 

UT SELECT Medical Plan
(13:50 min)

UT SELECT Dental & Dental Plus 
(2:42 min) 

DeltaCare USA  (Dental HMO)
(2 min) 

How to File a Medical Appeal 
(5:06 min) 

Prescription Drug Program 
(3:32 min) 

Vision and Vision Plus 
(5:49 min) 

Group Term Life and Accidental Death 
& Dismemberment for Employees 
(4:56 min) 

Long-Term Care
(11:18 min)

Short Term and Long Term Disability
(4:26 min)

Payflex: Flexible Spending Reimbursement Accounts
(11:01 min)

Insurance Videos for Retired Employees

UT Benefits Annual Enrollment Retiree Highlights: Plan Year 2015-2016  
(7:47 min) 
Group Term Life for Retired Employees
(2:56 min) © 2016 The University of Texas System.
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