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The University of Texas Systemwide Institutional Compliance Program was established to help ensure that the UT System operates in compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations governing higher education institutions.


The University of Texas Systemwide Compliance Program strives to be the national model for leadership in public higher education compliance by bringing the institutional compliance programs of the 15 UT System academic and health institutions to maturity through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on results.


Professionals and Staff


Systemwide Compliance Officer, ad interim: Wesley Byerly


Systemwide Compliance Manager: David Givens


Chief Information Security Officer: Lewis Watkins


Compliance Program


The UT Systemwide Compliance Program will support the UT System's Mission, Vision, Role and Values and help UT System institutions fulfill their responsibilities to the people of Texas in an environment based upon ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and guidelines. In this regard, the Systemwide Compliance Program will provide all UT System institutions with the most accurate, concise, and up-to-date information, assistance and advice to assure that they are aware of their responsibilities with respect to sustaining such an environment. The Systemwide Compliance Program will also continuously assess the effectiveness and quality of the institutional compliance programs to ensure all business is conducted with integrity and in compliance with the law.



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