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Records Management

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Records Management

The University of Texas System recognizes the need for the orderly management and retrieval of all official State records. The UT System Records and Information Management program fulfills the UT System’s mission of conducting business with “the utmost transparency, so that the members of the System and those outside the organization see and understand all that we are doing.”

Texas Government Code Chapter 441 mandates the establishment of a records management program at each state agency, and Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Chapter 6 sets out rules for implementing the mandates of Chapter 441. These laws and regulations underlie the UT System policy for Records and Information Management: UTS 115.

Records of UT System Administration are maintained in accordance with the UT System Administration Records Retention Schedule. In keeping with UTS 115, each UT institution maintains its own records retention schedule. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission publishes the most current certified version of these schedules.