HIPAA Policy 7.0: Individual Rights

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System shall provide certain rights to individuals with respect to the individual’s PHI. System shall not require individuals to waive any right described in this Section 7 as a condition of Payment for benefits, enrollment in any Group Health Plan, or eligibility for any benefits. System shall not intimidate, threaten, coerce, discriminate against, or take any other retaliatory action against an individual because of the exercise of any right described in this Policy. System’s procedures may vary depending on whether System holds the PHI as a Covered Entity, Plan Sponsor or Business Associate.

This Policy 7 consists of the following Sections:

Section 7.1: Notice of Individual Rights Concerning PHI

Section 7.2: Right to Access Protected Health Information

Section 7.3: Requests to Amend PHI

Section 7.4: Right to Receive Accounting of Disclosures

Section 7.5: Requests for Restrictions on Use and Disclosure

Section 7.6: Requests for Confidential Communications

Section 7.7: Right to Make Complaints

Section 7.8: Right to Breach Notifications


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