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Academic Affairs
Document Publish Date File
Best Practices in Admissions Processes for Undergraduate and Professional Programs July 1, 2014
Document Publish Date File
UT System Expenditure Transparency Reports: UT Arlington February 28, 2013
UT System Institution Annual Operating Budgets: UT Arlington August 23, 2012
System Audit
Document Publish Date File
UTA Annual Financial Report Audit FY 2013 January 13, 2014
UTA Benefits Proportionality by Fund Audit November 26, 2014
UTA Chemical Safety Inventory System Audit February 18, 2014
UTA Departmental Audit of Student Activities, University Events and the Leadership Center June 24, 2013
UTA Dependent Eligibility Audit August 23, 2012
UTA Disability Services, Fire and Life Safety Audit March 13, 2013
UTA Employee Tuition Assistance Plan Audit July 25, 2014
UTA Equipment Inventory Audit May 21, 2013
UTA Executive Travel and Entertainment Expense Audit September 18, 2013
UTA Executive Travel and Entertainment Expenses Audit November 19, 2014
UTA Higher Education Coordinating Board Facilities Audit April 23, 2013
UTA Joint Admission Medical Program October 30, 2012
UTA NCAA Compliance Audit - Eligibility January 22, 2014
UTA Nursing Shortage Reduction Program Awards May 21, 2015
UTA Nursing Shortage Reduction Program Awards Audit April 4, 2014
UTA President's Travel, Entertainment and Housing Expenses Audit November 30, 2012
UTA Procurement Card Audit December 11, 2014
UTA Procurement Card Audit October 14, 2013
UTA Research Compliance Review October 9, 2012
UTA Telecommunication Operations Review and Physical Security Audit January 25, 2013
UTA University-Owned Tablet Computers Audit March 1, 2013 © 2015 The University of Texas System.
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