Finish@UT has been developed to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of students looking to complete their bachelor’s degrees. Some of the unique benefits of enrolling in Finish@UT include:


Courses are offered in flexible 7-, 8-, or 15-week sessions. Although Finish@UT program courses are academically rigorous and follow a specific calendar, courses are not restricted to the traditional college semester calendar, and they provide you with the flexibility to study during a schedule that is most convenient for you. All Finish@UT courses needed to complete a degree are taught entirely online; campus visits are not necessary.


You can tailor your degree to best fit your needs, interests, previous study, and career goals. Finish@UT allows you to select online courses from a variety of institutions within The University of Texas System. Working closely with an advisor, you’ll also be able to develop a degree plan tailored for your personal and career goals that can be completed within a schedule that works for your life.


Finish@UT courses are offered at rates comparable to traditional public institutions and significantly lower than other online completion programs. Residents of Texas pay in-state, public university tuition rates and most financial aid is available for students taking online courses.


Degrees offered through Finish@UT are designed to help students build skills in the sought-after areas of communication, management, research, technology, project management, problem solving, and critical thinking. A Finish@UT degree provides greater opportunity for increased earnings, promotions, and advancement at your current place of employment, while making you a more appealing candidate to other employers. Bottom line, you will have more choices in the job market to launch or advance your career.


You will not only satisfy your personal goal to finish your degree, but will also obtain your diploma from an accredited and reputable University of Texas System institution. These institutions are partner universities that also offer the traditional on-campus setting for students. All courses offered through Finish@UT are taught by experienced University of Texas faculty.