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The University of Texas System Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is committed to providing guidance and support to UT System (UTS) academic institutions in academic planning, policy, and program review. The approval process for academic program proposals and changes ensures that all UTS degree programs are of the highest quality and are designed to improve long-term academic and professional outcomes for our students.

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Institutions must provide specific research and documentation in order to submit proposals for new degree programs and new certificates based on requirements from the Board of Regents and the THECB.

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All UTS institutions conduct regular accreditation compliance reports and resources are available from UTS and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) to assist with this process.

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Ph.D. programs at UTS institutions must undergo regular external review and submit a report that, once complete, is submitted to the OAA for consideration.

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The majority of Changes to Existing Degree Programs and Admin Unit Changes can be submitted to the THECB directly. Please also note additional resources provided for distance and self-supporting program requests.

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Flexible blended and online education has become an essential component of a 21st century education and OAA is committed to supporting these programs to improve student success.

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Institutions can use the THECB Program Inventory and Accountability System to research existing degree programs throughout the state of Texas.

Requests Submitted Directly to the THECB


New Degree Program & Change Requests

  • New credit-bearing certificate programs
  • CIP changes
  • Degree name changes
  • Degree designation changes
  • Degree SCH changes
  • Expansion of bachelor's or master's programs via hybrid or online modality


    Requests Submitted to OAA for Approval


    New Degree Program & Change Requests

    • New bachelor's, master's, doctoral & Professional degree proposals
    • Expansion of doctoral degrees to hybrid or online format
    • Expansion of doctoral degree to self-supporting mode of operation
    • Planning Authority (all degree types)
    • Admission policy changes
    • Program closure requests
    • Low-producing program continuation requests

    Administrative Unit Requests

    • Establishment of a new department or department changes that do not result in a new school or college.
    • Movement of degree programs across units that does not result in a new school or college.
    • Non-honorific department, school or college name changes

    Administrative Unit Requests

    • Establishment of a new school or college
    • Honorific naming or name changes to admin units