Student Success



Student Success is core to the mission of The University of Texas System, and the Office of Academic Affairs works with U.T. System institutions to ensure that students have the support they need to access and succeed in college.

The Office of Academic Affairs works with institutions to advance student success through the Texas Prospect Initiative and the Student Success Quantum Leap. Together, they embrace the continuum of student success, preK-20, and work to advance the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's 60X30TX Plan.


The Vertex 2018: Research & Policy Symposium on Concurrent Enrollment & Dual Credit

Denver, CO | October 5-6, 2018


Texas Prospect Initiative   Student Success Quantum Leap

The Student Success work of the Office of Academic Affairs is organized around the beliefs that:

  1. The success of the students we serve has everything to do with the educational paths they take and life circumstances from which they come before arriving at our institutions.
  2. Every student counts once we enroll students, it is our responsibility to meet them where they are, and help them persist and graduate with high-quality degrees, prepared for life and work in a complex, globally interdependent world.
  3. Getting more U.T. System students to the finish line of degree completion requires broad, cross-sector coordination and collaboration across U.T. institutions, which is why we have adopted the collective impact approach to student success.

Please direct questions and comments to Dr. Rebecca Karoff.