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The Office of Facilities Planning & Construction (OFPC) delivers unsurpassed, high-value facilities to the institutions of The University of Texas System. From the largest academic campuses to the smallest health science institutions, no one knows the Texas design and construction industry better than OFPC. We deliver unique, superior management support solutions.

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Introducing the UT System Guide to Major Capital Project Delivery

OFPC is pleased to announce the availability of The UT System Guide to Major Capital Project Delivery.  The Guide was created to provide easy access to the most current policies, procedures, and resources needed to successfully deliver Major Capital Projects for UT System and its institutions.  It is continuously updated to serve all stakeholders engaged in the delivery of Major Capital Projects.  Areas covered in this Guide include:

  • The Project Funding and Approval Timeline – Provides step by step tasks and deliverables required to obtain approvals and mitigate risks for each phase of the project
  • The UT System Capital Improvement Program – Outlines the CIP and provides links to additional information
  • Governing Laws, Rules, and Regulations – Includes the U.T. System Risk Mitigation and Monitoring Plan for Major Capital Projects, which references all Board of Regents Rules and Regulations, Systemwide Policies, State Laws, and Federal Laws governing Major Capital Project delivery for UT System
  • Procurement of Goods and Services – Includes guidance on procurement strategies and the availability of Systemwide Contracts and Insurance Programs