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Parking and Traffic Regulations - General Provisions

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Section III

A seven member parking committee has the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the parking program and making recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

The membership of the Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.  Five members shall be from each of the five downtown Austin System Complex buildings (ASH, CLB, CTJ, LAV and OHH) and two shall be at-large positions.  The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Operations and Support Services and the Director of Police or their designees will serve as ex-officio members. 

Parking committee members shall serve a term of two years with terms expiring on an alternating basis.  Committee members may be reappointed.

The U.T. System Office of Director of Police (ODOP) has the responsibility and the legal authority for the enforcement of the Parking and Traffic Regulations.  U.T. System Administration and U.T. Austin commissioned officers and guards may issue U.T. System Administration parking citations.  U.T. System Administration and U.T. officers may issue Court Appearance citations ENFORCEABLE IN COURT.

On special occasions and emergencies, such parking limitations may be imposed by the Director of U.T. System Police as are required by the conditions that prevail. These restrictions shall have all the force of other written and approved regulations and shall be subject to the same penalties.  When conditions warrant such action, the Director may waive parking limitations.

U.T. System Administration reserves the right to enforce parking and traffic regulations:

  1. through the issuance of U.T. System Administration citations and the collection of administrative enforcement charges for violations;
  2. through the impoundment of vehicles interfering with the movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or blocking a sidewalk, loading dock, ramp, cross-walk, entrance, exit, fire lane or aisle and through the impoundment of vehicles for unpaid charges after proper notice as provided by these regulations;
  3. by the suspension, denial of renewal or revocation of permits;
  4. by requiring either the vehicle owner or operator or the person who purchased the permit to appear at a U.T. System Administration hearing for non-payment of outstanding charges;
  5. by disciplinary action against employees who fail to abide by these regulations;
  6. by denying parking permits for habitual violators;
  7. by the issuance of Court Appearance citations requiring an appearance in the appropriate municipal court; and
  8. by such other methods as are commonly employed by city governments or state agencies in control of traffic regulation enforcement.

Proof of the fact that any parking or traffic control device, sign, parking meter, signal or marking was actually in place at any location of U.T. System Administration complex, shall constitute prima facie evidence that the same is official and was installed under the authority of applicable law and these regulations.

When any person is charged with having stopped, parked and left standing a motor vehicle on the property of U.T. System Administration in violation of any provision of the Parking and Traffic Regulations of U.T. System Administration, proof that said vehicle was, at the time of the offense, bearing a valid U.T. System Administration parking permit shall constitute prima facie evidence that said vehicle was then and there stopped, parked and left standing by the holder of the parking permit. However, if the vehicle does not bear a valid U.T. System Administration parking permit, proof that said vehicle at the time of the offense alleged, was owned by an individual is prima facie proof that said vehicle was then and there stopped, parked and left standing by said individual.

U.T. System Administration assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or any duty to protect any vehicle or its contents at any time the vehicle is operated or parked within the U.T. System Administration complex.

U.T. System Administration may deem a motor vehicle including a motorcycle, motor scooter, moped or bicycle parked on the U.T. System Administration property for more than 48 hours without a valid permit to be abandoned and may dispose of such vehicles provided in Section 10 of Chapter VII, Part Two of the Regents' Rules and Regulations.