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From Inspector Ashley Griffin

Griffin Police Inspector II

As the training coordinator for UT System Police, I pride myself on working collaboratively with each of my institution police departments to make sure we are not only meeting all TCOLE requirements, but also surpassing those requirements.

Our police academy is 943 hours, whereas TCOLE sets the minimum to 696 hours.  Over 300 of our officers have attained the Master Peace Officer certification, respectively.  Working at Institutions of Higher Education, we realize the importance of mental health and de-escalation training, which is why we have over 200 officers that are Mental Health Officer certified across our police departments.     

Both our Basic Licensing Police Academy and In-Service training divisions are delivered with professionalism, patience, and recognize the need for adult based learning.  Our instructors are delivering up to date material- often consulting or in partnership with Academic Faculty at our Institutions and presented in an easy to learn format.  We just recently celebrated our 18 BPOC class with a 100% passing rate on the TCOLE exam.   

We strive to foster a learning environment for cadets, officers, telecommunicators, and guest students.  If for any reason you feel like we did not achieve this, please reach out to me directly so that I can look into the matter. 

Thank you,

Inspector Ashley Griffin
(512) 579-5091

Regional Training Coordinators and Contact Information 

UT Arlington

UT Austin

     Michael Murphy   


UT Dallas

UT El Paso 

UT Medical Branch Galveston

UT Houston 

UT Permian Basin

UT Rio Grande Valley

UT San Antonio

UT San Antonio Health  

UT Southwestern 

UT Tyler

UT Tyler Health 


“Hiring and training are the cornerstone to a professional and highly effective police department. If you don’t get either of them right, the results can be catastrophic.”   

Group photo of the UTSP Training Coordinators