Close up of a UT System Police Badge, with text on the side of the image: Office of the Director of Police


DP-1 Personal History Statement- Use TCOLE Personal History Statement from TCOLE Website

DP-2 Conditional Offer of Employment

DP-3 Personnel Orientation

DP-4 Pre-Employment Polygraph Questionnaire

DP-5 Polygraph Authorization

DP-6 Background Investigation Report (revised 07/02/2024)

DP-7 Interview Board Guide (revised 08/29/23)

DP-8 Oath of Office

DP-9 Request for Range Use (revised 6/10/15)

DP-10 Firearms Qualification Score Sheet and Personal Firearm/Back-up Authorization (Rev 04/23)

DP-11 Individual Score Sheet

DP-12 Interview Board Results (revised 11/18/2021)

DP-20 Lesson Plan

DP-26 Pursuit Driving Report

DP-31 Yearly Report (revised 02/23/2021)

DP-32 Personnel Disciplinary Report

DP-33 Personnel Evaluation Form

DP-34 Unintentional Discharge Form

DP-35 Personnel Action Form

DP-36 Assumption of Risks, Covenant Not to Sue

DP-37 Physical Agility Test Form (revised 11/18/2021)

DP-38 Authority for Release of Information

DP-41 Garrity Warning

DP-42 Personnel Complaint (revised 10/10/2018)

DP-43 Complaint Waiver Request

DP-45 RESCINDED 11/22/2021

DP-46 Award Nomination Form

DP-47 RESCINDED 08/11/2011

DP-48 Racial Profiling Report (Revised 01/26/2023)

DP-49 Request for late TCOLE Credit Hours Submission

DP-50 Outside Training (Revised 11/22/21)

DP-51 Instructor Evaluation (Revised 11/19/12)

DP-52 Police Cadet Index (Revised 11/29/2023)

DP-52SP Sponsored Cadet Index (Revised 11/29/23)

DP-52TC Telecommunications Officer Appointment Index (Revised 11/29/23)

DP-53 Lateral Officer Index (Revised 11/29/23)

DP-54 Use of Force Report (Revised 5/16/13)

DP-55 Field Training Orientation Form

DP-56 Field Training Daily Observation Report

DP-57 Field Training Continuation Form

DP-58 Field Training Weekly Observation Report

DP-59 Field Training End of Phase Report

DP-60 Field Training Critique

DP-61 Field Training Request for Intensive Remedial Training

DP-62 Field Training Remedial Training Plan

DP-63 Field Training Termination Form

DP-64 Instructor Bio Form

DP-65 Model Photo array Line-Up Instructions to Witness Form

DP-66 Model Live Line-Up Instructions to Witness Form

DP-67 Model Live Show-Up Instructions to Witness Form

DP-70 Application for Cold Case Review

DP-71 Cold Case Solvability Questionnaire

DP-72 Incident Action Plan

DP-73 Firearms Modification Request

DP-74 Administrative Leave with Pay: Psychological Fitness for Duty Examination

DP-75 Replacement Police ID Request