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What Employees Need to Know

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The UT System has contracted with the IMO Med-Select HealthCare Network to provide UT System employees who live in network service areas the opportunity for improved quality of care and help in returning to work as soon as medically appropriate.

The network service areas currently cover ninety-four percent of all UT System employees. The IMO Med-Select network only provides treatment for workers' compensation injuries. It is not a substitute for traditional group health care coverage.

Not all counties of the State are covered by the health care network (HCN). If an employee lives in a county not covered by the HCN, that employee is not subject to the requirements of the network.

The link to the Provider Search and Network Service Areas to the right will assist employees in determining if their county falls within the network.

If you experience a workplace injury after the network has been implemented, you will receive another copy of the network notification packet and you will be asked to sign an acknowledgement form. In addition, a copy of the packet is available to you anytime and will be posted with other notifications at your place of employment.

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