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Risk Finance

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Contact: Risk Finance
Phone: 512.499.4447
Fax: 512.499.4524

Risk Finance implements a combination of risk retention and transfer strategies to protect the physical, financial and human assets of the UT System.  Risk Finance staff represent the UT System in the insurance market, and work in partnership with other system offices, institutions, and the private sector to develop and implement programs to mitigate the consequences of financial loss across the UT System.

Risk Finance administers several Systemwide Insurance Programs, which provide robust coverage and achieve economies of scale by pooling resources and expertise from across the UT System.  Many of the Systemwide Insurance Programs are based on self-insured funds, which provide additional flexibility in designing programs that provide protection, while controlling costs.      

In addition to administering the Systemwide Insurance Programs, Risk Finance manages over 200 individual insurance policies covering a wide range of risks.  Risk Finance coordinates the purchase of insurance policies for the University of Texas System Institutions in accordance with The Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, 80601, 2.Section 1.  These individual policies typically cover unique exposures and are procured and managed in partnership with the system institutions. 

Risk Finance reviews contracts and certificates of insurance for UT System institutions to manage risk stemming from our contractual relationships with outside parties.  We also provide claims management, risk analysis, and other consultative services.