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Professionals in a meeting with the tagline at the bottom: We are on a mission to build stronger and more  successful entrepreneurs.


Mentoring Matters

Often the most valuable advice comes from someone who has went through similar challenges. Texas Venture Connect (TVC) is a mentor network that brings together diverse experts and experienced entrepreneurs to increase the success for UT-related innovators. TVC leverages trained volunteer mentors that provide high-quality, conflict-free, team-based entrepreneurship mentoring to help guide UT innovators.



Team-based Mentoring

Mentees benefit from the opportunity to connect with and learn from a dynamic team of experts who bring diverse perspectives and experiences from various industries.


Modern-day Connectivity

Our online platform extends the network and overcomes geographic limitations, enabling virtual sessions that connect mentors and mentees throughout the UT System community.


Skill & Knowledge Development

Participants benefit from the knowledge gained by collaboratively working through the business challenges encountered by entrepreneurs tackling unique problems.


Partner Programs



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Active Mentors


Active Ventures


Value Delivered


*As of June 30, 2019

Voices of Ventures and Mentors


"My mentors at TEXVMS are as valuable as a team of McKinsey consultants and as unconditionally supportive as my mom. Most incubators count their worth in investment dollars raised, TEXVMS helped me focus on ways to create enduring value for years to come - priceless." 

- Amy George (Venture) | Founder & CEO, Earthly Labs

"We've been in a few other startup programs and meeting with advisors was always ad-hoc, making it difficult to keep the same group of mentors advising our startup on a regular basis. Having TEXVMS manage the meeting invites, host the meetings and connect us with industry-leading mentors has been game-changing! If you're launching a startup, you need advisors you can count on - TEXVMS is the best startup mentoring program we've found!"

- Greg Floyd (Venture) | Founder & CEO, Shower Stream

"I have always believed that teams come up with better ideas and solutions than individuals do. I'm excited by the TEXVMS team mentoring approach."

- George Schaefer (Mentor)

"In addition to supporting the startups, the networking and learnings I received from the other mentors with VMS at Houston has been invaluable."

- Jane Henry (Mentor)



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