Prescription Drug Plan - Active Employee

Prescription Drug Plan - Active Employee
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 Prescription Drug Plan

Your prescription drug benefits are a part of your UT SELECT Medical Plan and are administered by Express Scripts.

(does not apply to medical plan deductible)

ACCESS OPTIONS Generic Drug Copayment Preferred Drug Copayment Non-Preferred Drug Copayment
Retail Network Pharmacy:
Up to a 30-day supply. Refills allowed as prescribed. (good option for new prescriptions)
$10 $35 $50
Home Delivery Pharmacy:
Up to a 90-day supply. Refills allowed as prescribed.
(best option for maintenance medication)
$20 $87.50 $125


Prescription Drug Video

UT SELECT Medical Plan Guide

Prescription Drug Co-payments at a glance

> Prescription Drug Formulary  

> Express Scripts Website



(800) 818-0155
Express Scripts
ATTN: Commercial Claims
PO BOX 2872
Clinton, IA 52733-2872

Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form

If you purchase a preferred or non-preferred drug when a less expensive generic alternative drug is available, you must pay the difference between the cost of the brand name drug and the generic drug  plus the applicable generic copayment . This difference does NOT count toward your annual deductible. Sometimes the cost difference is quite large. 

The generic, preferred, or non-preferred list of covered drugs is reviewed periodically resulting in changes to the prescription drug list throughout the year. If you are taking a medication that is affected by one of these changes, Express Scripts will mail a letter to your address on file to alert you of the change in benefits. Please refer to the Express Scripts website at or call Express Scripts Customer Service ( 1- 800-818-0155 ) for current information on specific medications.

Your Prescription Drug Plan and Medicare Part D

The Federal Medicare program provides a Medicare-approved prescription drug benefit – Medicare Part D. The University of Texas System continues to offer your current UT SELECT prescription drug benefit, and enrollment in Medicare Part D will have a negative financial impact for most UT participants.

UT strongly urges you NOT to enroll in the Medicare Part D program. UT is committed to providing your prescription drug coverage now and in the future and to helping you make informed choices about your prescription drug benefit. For a relatively small number of very low-income UT retirees, enrolling in Medicare Part D may save money if the retiree also qualifies for a “low income subsidy” provided as part of the Medicaid Part D Program. Please see the Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage . For more information about the low income subsidy, call 1-800-772-1213 or visit . © 2016 The University of Texas System.
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