STARs Program

STARs Program for Academic Affairs

In August of 2004, The University of Texas System Board of Regents approved an allocation of funds to be awarded to System institutions to help attract and retain the best qualified faculty. The STARs (Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention) program provides funding to help purchase state-of-the-art research equipment and make necessary laboratory renovations to encourage faculty members to perform their research at a UT institution.  Funded through the Library, Equipment, Repair, and Rehabilitation (LERR) program, academic institutions will receive annual STARs allocations for the purposes of recruiting and/or retaining research-active faculty. STARs funds are specifically for purchase of equipment and renovation of facilities required as part of the recruitment and/or retention of particularly outstanding faculty. These monies are meant to supplement institutional resources for the purpose of recruiting and/or retaining the very best research-active faculty.

See the program guidelines here. 

Once an award is made, UT academic institutions must submit a Notice of Award Form that can be found here providing details of the award including the faculty name, amount, effective date and some demographic information. Prior to accessing the form, please review the form instructions and gather the required information.  This notification will route to the UT System Offices of Academic Affairs, Budget and Planning and Controller where the award will be established for successfully recruited/retained faculty members. Consistent with other Permanent University Fund bond proceeds-funded activities, institutions will be reimbursed as expense are incurred.  Institutions receiving block STARs allocations from the U. T. System Board of Regents have 36 months from the beginning of the fiscal year in which funds are allocated to award the funds to a specific faculty member or the appropriation will lapse and be made available for future Systemwide reallocation.  Once awarded, institutions have 36 months from the date the award was made or the time a new faculty member arrives on campus in the case of new faculty, whichever is later, to expend funds.


Notifying UT System of STARs Awards


Step 1: Review Instruction Form and gather required information.

Notification Instructions

Step 2: Submit Notice of Award Form.

STARs Award Notification


Information about the STARs program for health institutions can be found here.