Our P20 Work

Preparing Texas Students for Success in a Complex World

The University of Texas System believes that every student in Texas is a prospect for college and that the success of the undergraduates we serve has everything to do with honoring the educational paths they take and life circumstances from which they come before arriving at our institutions.

This work dovetails with The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's 60X30TX Strategic Plan.

Through unprecedented collaboration and new partnerships with UT institutional leaders, civic and non-profit leaders, the legislature, state agencies, community colleges, school districts, and other primary and secondary constituents, the System is using its size and regional access to actively engage with leaders across the education spectrum, from pre-kindergarten through college and into the workforce, to strengthen student achievement and improve college readiness.

The System works to address the under-preparation of students, raise expectations, and strengthen the culture of education in Texas through a multi-pronged approach that includes:

  • Positioning more – and more diverse – students for success through high-quality dual credit programs;
  • Rethinking teacher education so that today's teachers are successful in educating students for tomorrow's challenges;
  • Supporting deep partnerships between UT System Colleges of Education and struggling K-12 school districts in order to improve student outcomes, increase turnaround expertise of participating colleges and generate research into school improvement; and
  • Working with internal and external partners to foster critical literacies in students across the P20 continuum.