Alliance Members and Affiliates

An “Alliance Member” is an institution within The University of Texas System that agrees to abide by the criteria established by the Alliance for membership and that is entitled to participate in the governance of the Alliance. Governance of the Alliance occurs through the Member’s participation in the Alliance Operating Committee and the Collaborative Business Services Executive Committee.

An “Alliance Affiliate” is an institution outside the University of Texas System that satisfies criteria established by the Alliance for participating in master supply agreements for goods and services which the Alliance negotiates on behalf of its Members and Affiliates. These criteria may include requirements that the institution participate in sourcing events, help conduct periodic supplier performance reviews, make a good faith effort to optimize use of the entire portfolio of Master Agreements, etc. Unlike a Member, an Affiliate has no right to participate in the governance of the Alliance, but the Alliance encourages affiliates to suggest sourcing opportunities and advise of supplier performance concerns.

In order for any institution to become a Member or Affiliate, the institution must sign an agreement that, among other things, details how supplier-paid administrative fees, incentives and rebates will be distributed to the institution, and confirming the institution’s obligations to report the same under federal and state reimbursement programs as reductions in cost. To obtain a copy of the Alliance’s standard form for this agreement, please send a request to Michael Moreno .



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