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Retirement Planning interactive board game

UT System provides many resources to help you learn how to plan for your retirement. In addition, the approved providers are also on hand to help you as you consider your contributions and investments.

Why Should You Participate?

Quite simply, there is no savings opportunity like it. The UT System Voluntary Savings Plans offer a unique combination of investment choices and convienence.

Learn How to Save

How much is enough? Find out with My Retirement Overview–TRS and My Retirement Overview–ORP, comprehensive tools that allows you to predict just what you can expect to receive during your retirement and what it will take to get to where you want to be.

Click here to find out what expenses you could cut back on today and how much that could help you save over 10, 20, and 30 years.

NEW! What's Your Financial IQ?

How does your financial know-how measure up? Take the What's Your Financial IQ Challenge below to test your financial knowledge. Available between now and September 9, 2016.

What is your Financial IQ? game


Online Presentations

Getting Started (11:57 min video presentation)   
This short video will help you learn the steps necessary to prioritize savings plans, the benefits of saving with your UTSaver plans and how to choose your investments once you do start saving.

The NEW My Retirement Manager (6.5 min) 
Are you interested in participating in the UTRetirement Programs but need help actually signing up? This presentation will give you a comprehensive walk-through of the UT Retirement Manager Program, from how to log-in for the first time, to how to enroll in one of the UTRetirement Retirement Savings programs and view your balances.

Check Your Budget

 Budgeting and Debt (17:35 min video presentation) Day to day expenses can quickly become overwhelming. This presentation will discuss ways you can better manage your debt, as well as the important of saving and steps to help you take control of your finances.

The Social Security Express (8.5 min) This presentation provides an overview of Social Security and its projected shortfall in the near future, and what you can expect for yourself.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (1.5 min)
This short video illustrates how much an impact saving even as little as $10.00 more a week in a retirement plan can have for your future savings.

Español: Despierta y huele el café (1.5 min)
Este video muestra el impacto que puede tener para sus ahorros futuros el tan solo ahorrar $10.00 más por semana en su plan de jubilación.

How To Lower Your Current Taxes (1.5 min)
This short video compares a pretax paycheck to an after-tax paycheck to help illustrate the importance of participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Women – In The Front Seat (12:55 min video presentation)
Women face an array of unique challenges in the workplace, and investing is no different. This presentation will discuss the realities of a "She-conomy" while providing ideas to help women take charge of their financial future and to stay on track.

Gen Y (19 min) 
You're young and healthy, and retirement is furthest from your mind. But right now, this instant, is the best possible time for you to start saving so that when you do think about retirement, you'll have the tools and savings you need to make it a good one.

Why Women Should Save For Retirement (8.5 min)
Women have different savings needs and priorities, and those needs make participation in a UTSaver retirement savings plan that much more important. Find out why in this presentation.

Understanding the Cost of a Loan (5 min)
Taking a loan from your UTSaver account may seem like a good idea, but before you sign that form you should understand the potential impacts of taking a loan a UTSaver 457(b) or 403(b) plans.

Federal Tax Saver's Credit
If you're eligible and contribute as much as $2,000, you could qualify for a Saver's Tax Credit of up to 50% of your contributions--$1,000 subtracted from your income tax payment. Learn More .

Other Resources

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Tax Savings Calculator
Review your personalized pre-tax out-of-pocket expenses and tax savings. Access this calculator by logging in to My UT Benefits .

Need help choosing an investment mix?
Each provider has representatives available to meet with you to help put together your retirement portfolio. In addition, many provider websites offer online planning tools to help you manage and track your portfolio on your own. View a list of representatives for your institution .