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New Employee

2023-2024 New Employee Enrollment Guide
(14:21 min)

Plan your Retirement

UT System Retirement Planning Guide
(9:27 min)

FAQ Video Series

What is UT COBRA and How Do I Enroll? (7:23 min)

What Happens to My Benefits When I Leave Employment? (8:44 min)

Annual Enrollment Videos

2023-2024 Annual Enrollment Highlights Video for Employees
(8:37 min)

2023-2024 Annual Enrollment Highlights Video for Retired Employees
(8:33 min)

Behavioral Health

UT SELECT plan members have access to several behavioral health programs. This video is about the four mental health programs available to The University of Texas System medical plan participants. (7:36 min)

Headway Behavioral Health

Headway’s personalized matching support can help match you with a provider who fits your needs, from over 4,000 mental health clinicians across Texas. Headway lets you see what’s available and book mental health visits online, quickly, and easily. Most people are able to start getting care within a week. (1:59 min)

UT Academic Graduate Student Employees

Academic graduate student employees with The University of Texas System are eligible for medical and voluntary coverage. This video describes your benefit options for Plan Year 2023-2024. (8:48 min)


Living Well

Wondr: Wondr is a weight loss program that is clinically proven to help you lose weight, sleep better, stress less, and so much more. (2:21 min)

UT Retirement

UTSaver: The UTSaver TSA and UTSaver DCP are designed to help you save more money on your own so that you have the income needed to last throughout your years in retirement.

How to Log In to the UT Retirement Manager Platform (4:29 min)

Insurance Plan Videos

UT SELECT Medical Plan (14:00 min)


DeltaCare USA (Dental HMO) (2 min)


Maestro Health: Flexible Spending Reimbursement Accounts (2:44 min)

Vision and Vision Plus (4:47 min)


Short-Term and Long-Term Disability(6:33 min)


Group Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment for Employees  (4:17 min)


Insurance Videos for Retired Employees

Group Term Life for Retired Employees (2:56 min)


UT CARE Medicare PPO Plan Overview (10:55 min)