Tax, Employee Benefits and Gift Planning

The Tax, Employee Benefits and Gift Planning specialty area, within the Business Law Section, provides specialized legal services and counsel to The University of Texas System, executive officers, and leadership and decision-makers at the 14 component institutions on federal and state laws, in the area of tax, employee benefits, and gifts. Any materials or links provided on this site are for informational purposes only. Please contact Don O. Jansen for specific legal advice.

Legal services may involve:

  • deferred compensation
  • unrelated business income tax
  • unemployment compensation
  • nexus and multi-state reporting
  • payroll taxes and withholding at source
  • excise taxes
  • ad valorem and property taxes
  • nonresident aliens
  • employee benefits
  • retirement plans
  • sales tax
  • fuels excise and severance tax
  • hotel occupancy tax
  • estate, trust and gift matters
  • manage, supervise and coordinate tax audits
  • managing will contest litigation
  • cy pres and equitable deviation
  • compliance and self-correction for qualified employee plans

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