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Emergency Management and Business Continuity

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For questions or comments regarding the Business Continuity program, contact Risk Control at 512.322.3740.

The Office of Risk Management’s Business Continuity & Emergency Management section is committed to openly engaging the UT institutions to prepare, respond, and recover from local emergencies through an all-hazards approach. This mission is accomplished by coordinating and sharing essential elements of information among the institutions, as well as providing business continuity guidance within the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
Patrice Reisen-Hicks – Emergency Management Coordinator
Phone: 512-322-3740
Fax:  512-499-4524 
  • Coordinates business continuity and emergency management planning for UT System Administration
  • Coordinates UT System’s Interagency Resource Guidebook
  • Supports UT institutions in business resilience planning, incident management training, and response exercises
  • Supports the integration of UT System into state emergency management plans, training, and exericses
  • Coordinates Systemwide Disaster Recovery Contracts
  • Serves as ORM representative for the Emergency Management Committee
Systemwide Safety

The Safety section of Risk Control schedules and organizes safety related training, assists in conducting Fire and Life Safety Reviews in accordance with UTS135, provides guidance on the University's driving policy UTS157, administers the Resource Allocation Program and provides consultative services to The University of Texas Institutions.

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