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 Cindy Carrillo

 Manager of Risk Accounting


 Betty Yao

 Accountant II




The University of Texas System
Office of Risk Management Risk Accounting
210 West 7th Street, Austin, TX. 78701
Phone: 512.499.4452
Fax: 512.499.4524

Staff Responsibilities
Cindy Carrillo – Manager of Risk Accounting
Phone: 512.499.4654
  • Manage Risk Accounting Activities for ORM Insurance Programs
  • Oversight of the Risk Management self-insured plan financial statements & reconciliation reports
  • Prepare information to actuary for WCI/UCI/RAP
  • Analyze vendor WCI/UCI reports
  • Prepare Cost of Risk reports
  • Manage ORM/PLI payment invoices and deposits
  • Premium Billing:
    • ROCIP and BR
    • PLI Quarterly & Institutional
    • TULIP
Yixin (Betty) Yao – Accountant II
Phone: 512.499.4452
  • Reconciliation of ORM & PLI Cost Centers
  • Analyze monthly WCI/UCI Premium reporting
  • Annual Premium Invoice for Self-Insurance programs
  • Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) contact for Institutions' questions concerning:
    • Non-routine Billing - Domestic Student, International, Domestic Excess Coverage, Medical Students
    • Oversee Monthly Billing reports
    • Oversee Expired License reports for physicians and dentists enrolled in the PLAN
    • Prepare information to actuary for PLI
For PLI Plan Questions:
PLI-Accounting, Office of Risk Management
Phone: 512.499.4655
  • Enrollment in PLI
  • Monthly billing reports
  • Expired license reports for physicians and dentists enrolled in the PLAN
  • Access to and problems with the PLI application
  • Certificates of insurance for enrollees in PLI