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Claims Reporting

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Claims Reporting

One of the goals of the Office of Risk Management is to control financial loss.  Reduced claims frequency and resulting costs will improve our loss experience and insurance rates, and ultimately has a positive impact on operating budgets across the UT System.  With everyone across the UT System embracing the risk management process and taking an active interest in controlling claims, we can limit the financial and operational impact of losses Systemwide.

Risk Control

Risk control activities play a key role in managing and reducing claims frequency and resulting costs across the enterprise.  The best way to prevent claim costs is to prevent the loss from occurring in the first place.  Executive involvement in the risk control and claim management process can help reduce the number of incidents and the ultimate cost of claims.  Each occurrence prompts a thorough root cause analysis and implementation of corrective action to prevent recurrence. 

For more information on filing a claim, please see Systemwide Insurance Programs.

Claims Reporting Forms
Reporting Forms
International General Liability and Auto Claims Reporting Forms
International Foreign Voluntary Workers' Compensation and Defense Base Act Claims Reporting Forms