P20 Projects

Through unprecedented collaboration with UT institutional leaders and new partnerships with civic and non-profit leaders, the legislature, state agencies, community colleges, school districts, and other primary and secondary constituents, the System is using its size and regional access to actively engage with leaders across the education spectrum, from pre-kindergarten through college and into the workforce, to strengthen more equitable student pathways and achievement, improve college readiness for all Texas students, and ensure that UT institutions are student-ready. The System works to recognize and bolster student assets as conditions of successes, raise expectations, and strengthen the culture of education in Texas through a multi-pronged approach that includes:



ElevateTXed is a collaborative initiative of the UT System and colleges and programs of education at all nine UT academic institutions. 

ElevateTXed supports and facilitates the efforts of the University of Texas education colleges and programs to prepare highly qualified, well-trained and diverse teachers, administrators, and education specialists to best meet the needs of Texas’ changing K-12 populations. UT institutions deploy education data, policy, and research, as well as build strong university/school partnerships, to address the most pressing, complex challenges facing Texas schools, thereby preparing innovative educational leaders—at all levels—to transform education today and into the future.

ElevateTXed takes a multi-pronged approach that includes:

  • ElevateTXed Leadership Council: Since 2016, the UT System has convened UT Education Deans to share best practices and engage in strategic planning that addresses regional, statewide, and national challenges, and co-create solutions appropriate to institutional missions, contexts, and student populations.

    The leadership council, comprised of the UT Education Deans across all academic institutions, is responsible for setting strategic directions for the work of ElevateTXed.

    Meet the UT Education Deans!

  • Educator Preparation Policy Advisory Group: The UT System Educator Preparation Policy Advisory Group identifies, evaluates, and proposes new or changes to policy issues that affect educator preparation programs. The group is made up of representatives from UT academic institutions who have experience and interest in policy and coordinates with the Education Deans leadership group, UT System Academic Affairs and Governmental Relations staff, as well as stakeholders in content areas at UT institutions.  
  • Texas Turnaround: UT System's PK-12 School/University Partnerships: Thanks to a generous funding by the UT System Board of Regents, five UT Colleges/Programs of Education participated in a partnership project to support K-12 schools requiring improvement. This project improved student outcomes in partner K-12 schools, increased turnaround expertise of participating colleges, enhanced teacher preparation, and generated research into school improvement. The resulting knowledge management hub became ElevateTXed
  • Critical Literacies Project: The UT System works with internal and external partners to foster critical literacies in students across the P20 continuum.  UT institutions work to cultivate these literacies in students across traditional and emerging academic disciplines, and through partnerships and programs in PK12 schools, communities, and business and industry across Texas.
  • Strengthening Dual Credit: Positioning more - and more diverse - students for success through high-quality dual credit programs.