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Emergency Management Committee

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The Emergency Management Committee (EMC) is comprised of emergency management program representatives of the institutions and designated representatives from specific University of Texas System (the UT System) offices.

The EMC’s mission is to provide expert advice and recommendations to the UT System in support of the development and implementation of appropriate programs and to serve as the mechanism for the free exchange of information and cooperation among institutions and various System offices regarding emergency management issues.

The EMC supports and facilitates cooperative efforts related to emergency management that are of benefit to the institutions and the UT System generally, including maintenance of emergency response plans, exercises, and student and employee training programs.

Goals and Requirements:

  • Each institution shall identify at least one representative to serve on the EMC. Multiple representatives may be identified; however, the primary representative must be the individual responsible for emergency management at each institution.
  • The EMC will develop audit tools and services and schedule audits at the request of institutions to assist those institutions in complying with audit mandated by State law.
  • The EMC will conduct at least one systemwide emergency management exercise. Exercises may be in the form of a drill, tabletop (discussion based), function, or full-scale (operations based). 
  • The EMC will develop mechanisms to coordinate and manage incidents with regional or systemwide effects and develop contingency plans to support continuity operations (e.g., academic continuity) that could be deployed after a major event.
  • The EMC will hold two (2) meetings each calendar year.