Environmental Health & Safety Advisory Committee

Description and Purpose

The Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee (EHSAC) is comprised of health and safety program representatives of the institutions and designated representatives from specific University of Texas System (the UT System) offices.

The EHSAC's mission is to provide expert advice and recommendations to the UT System in support of the development and implementation of appropriate programs and to serve as the mechanism for the free exchange of information and cooperation among institutions and various System offices with regard to health and safety issues.

The EHSAC supports and facilitates cooperative efforts related to health and safety that are of benefit to the institutions and the UT System generally, including maintenance of safe and healthy places for teaching, learning and work; regulatory compliance strategies; and student and employee training programs.

  • Emphasize and enhance communication among the institutions and with various UT System offices with regard to environmental, health and safety issues
  • Anticipate, review, evaluate and recommend regulatory compliance strategies
  • Encourage and promote the hiring of well-qualified environmental health and safety program directors and staff
  • Recommend and pursue opportunities to facilitate collaborative efforts regarding environmental, health and safety issues that will benefit both the institutions and the UT System