Advisory Council



Dr. Phyllis Whiteley

Venture Partner Wildcat Venture Partners

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  • Ph.D. in Pharmacology
  • 25+ years experience in academia, biotech/pharma (Merck and Roche), business and portfolio management
  • Built and funded multiple companies
  • Serves on numerous boards and advisory counsils
  • Passionate about personalized medicine, global healthcare, and transformative life science innovations



Dr. Winslow Sargeant

Managing Director S&T, LLC

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  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
  • President Obama appointed him to Chief Counsel for Advocacy in the US Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy in August 2010
  • Co-founded Aanetcom, a fabless semiconductor chip company
  • 2014 Wisconsin Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award winner
  • Received the 2014 IEEE George F. McClure Citation of Honor (Region 2) award for his dedicated representation of small business


Stacy Feld


Stacy Feld

Senior Director of Consumer Scientific Innovation Johnson & Johnson Innovation

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  •  J.D. from Vanderbilt, practiced technology transactions law
  •  Serves on the Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences Council and as an advisor to the UCSF Catalyst Program
  •  Was a partner at Physic Ventures
  •  Held business development leadership positions at Genentech and Third Wave Technologies