UT System Student Advisory Council


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The University of Texas System Student Advisory Council was established in 1989 as a mechanism to gather student input and feedback on a variety of student issues. The first meeting of the Student Advisory Council was in February 1990.

The Student Advisory Council consists of two student representatives from each U.T. System component institution enrolling students and it meets three times a year, usually in Austin.  In conjunction with the U.T. System Administration and the Chancellor, the Council provides input to the U. T. System Board of Regents on a variety of issues of student concern.  Administrative support and assistance are provided to the Council by the U. T. System along with budgetary support for student travel and meetings.

The Academic Affairs liaison to the Student Advisory Council is Dr. Tracey Ford, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Administrative support is provided by Chris Lyons, Program Coordinator. Eric Solberg, Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, serves as a liaison to the Council from the Office of Health Affairs.

Student Advisory Council
The University of Texas System Student Advisory Council