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Transfer in the UT System

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The eight academic universities of the University of Texas System are dedicated to facilitating the successful transfer of students into and out of the System’s universities, helping students complete degrees in an affordable and timely manner, and removing barriers that stand in their way.

Work to improve transfer student success and experiences entails close attention to student experiences, data and outcomes; better advising; partnerships with community colleges; and helping students feel like they belong at their transfer destination.


The UT System Transfer Advisory Group

The Transfer Advisory Group was convened in August 2019 to support the success of transfer students across the UT System.  The group will:

  • Interpret, disseminate and provide guidance to ensure that the interests and needs of University of Texas students and institutions are well represented in the implementation of how SB 25, the transfer bill passed in the 86th Texas Legislature.
  • Work to ensure continuity of transfer student enrollment in terms of matriculation, progress, participation and performance; completion and post-graduation;
  • Identify and guide communication and implementation of effective and targeted resources and support to transfer students;
  • Ensure an equity lens in the implementation of its goals and work, including disaggregation of student data and attention to different supports needed for diverse student populations; and
  • Advise and identify support needed from the UT System to ensure transfer student success.

The group includes 2-3 representatives from each of the UT System’s academic universities who hold roles and work in units essential to providing transfer students with smooth pathways to majors, degrees, post-graduate study and jobs.  It serves to bolster the UT System’s Student Success Framework, built around the three pillars of Finances, Advising and Belonging, and contribute to the THECB educational attainment plan, 60X30TX

A list of members can be found here.

How are University of Texas institutions working to improve transfer for students?  Learn more here.

About SB 25:  Designed to facilitate transfer, academic progress, and timely graduation of Texas students in public higher education, major components of SB 25 include:  reporting by colleges and universities on credit and courses not accepted for transfer at universities; filing of degree plans by students at certain milestones; publication of course sequences and articulation agreements; and a study of the core curriculum and meta-majors culminating in a report with recommendations to the legislature. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is charged with determining processes and mechanisms for how the bill will be implemented.


The UT System Transfer Study

Chancellor Milliken has charged the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis to conduct a study of transfer student success in the UT System during the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

The goals of the study are to:

  1. Better understand the impact of transfer on student success in the UT System;
  2. Represent the migration patterns and outcomes of students transferring into UT academic institutions;
  3. Better understand policies and practices related to transfer student success;
  4. Make recommendations to improve transfer student outcomes and experiences in terms of policy, practice and data; and
  5. Serve as a baseline of data and information from which to evaluate the impact of legislative changes being made to transfer over time.

The Transfer Study includes review and analysis of UT System data, a landscape analysis of transfer policies and practices across UT academic universities, and an environmental scan of transfer in select states and systems. Data comes from the UT System Office of Institutional Research & Analysis, the THECB, and the National Student Clearinghouse.


The Texas Transfer Alliance

The Texas Transfer Alliance is a collaboration of Texas universities and community colleges focused on improving transfer student outcomes. The Alliance is led by the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin, and includes representatives from The University of Texas System, The Texas A&M University System, the University of North Texas System, the Texas State University System, and the Texas Association of Community Colleges.

The Alliance is aligned to 60x30TX’s goals, as outlined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and receives advisory support from Educate Texas. Additionally, the Alliance receives resources and technical assistance from Tackling Transfer, a collaboration among three national partners supported by four foundations. The national partners include the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program, HCM Strategists, and Sova Solutions.

Tackling Transfer is a three-state effort (MN, TX, VA) that aims to foster the conditions for scaled and measurable improvements in attainment rates for baccalaureate-seeking community college students, especially the large number of low-income students and students of color who begin education in the two-year sector.