Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment
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AUGUST 15, 2015

Complete Evidence of Insurability (EOI), if required

Complete Evidence of Eligibility (EOE), if required


New plan year benefits begin

Receive new medical ID cards (everyone enrolled in UT SELECT Medical)

Receive ID cards for other plans if you made changes

OCTOBER 1, 2015

Check your paycheck or billing statement to ensure accuracy of benefit premium deductions


If you have a change of status affecting your benefit needs during the year, contact your insitution's HR/Benefits Office


My UT Benefits

Active Employee Cost Worksheet

Retired Employee Cost Worksheet

Annual Enrollment 2015 - 2016

Annual Enrollment for benefits for the 2015 - 2016 plan year ended Friday, July 31, 2015. Benefit changes are effective September 1, 2015. If you need to submit Evidence of Insurability or Dependent Documentation, you must do so by August 15 or your changes will not take effect. You can confirm your elections or complete Evidence of Insurability and dependent documentation in My UT Benefits. If you have any questions about your enrollment, please contact your institution's Benefits Office.

What's Changing?

Read about rate and plan changes in the Annual Enrollment Highlights for Employees and Retired Employees.

AE Highlights for Employees                    AE Highlights for Retired Employees

A Deeper Dive: Annual Enrollment 2015

Annual Enrollment Newsletter for Active Employees

Annual Enrollment Newsletter for Retired Employees


** Special Information for UT Brownsville, UT Pan American, and UT Rio Grande Valley**

Due to the opening of UT Rio Grande Valley on September 1, 2015, active employees of UT Brownsville and UT Pan American will not participate in the usual Annual Enrollment period this year.

Additional information is available here .

AE Highlights Videos

Employee Benefits Highlights
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