Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment
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Review by July 15, 2015

Your current benefits

Changes for 2015-2016

Dependent eligibility requirements

UTRetirement Program

Beneficiary designations

Online Annual Enrollment (AE) resources,  including newsletter and videos

Make Elections July 15–July 31, 2015

Declare tobacco user or non-user status

Add/drop coverage

Add/remove dependents

UT FLEX (must enroll annually) Employees ONLY

UTRetirement Program   Employees ONLY

Review online summary immediately after making your election


My UT Benefits

Active Employee Cost Worksheet

Retired Employee Cost Worksheet

Annual Enrollment is July 15 - 31

You will receive your Coverage Option/PIN letter or email on or around July 15th with instructions on making enrollment changes.

During this period, you can:
  • Make changes to your benefits and enroll in UT FLEX, 
  • Make your declaration as a tobacco user or non-tobacco user, 
  • Request new coverage for eligible dependents, and 
  • Remove ineligible dependents from the program. 

If you don't want to make any changes and you take no action, your current coverage except for UT FLEX will remain in effect. Active Employees must make elections in FLEX every year to continue the coverage for the new plan year.

What's Changing?

Read about rate and plan changes in the Annual Enrollment Highlights for Employees and Retired Employees.

AE Highlights for Employees                    AE Highlights for Retired Employees

A Deeper Dive: Annual Enrollment 2015

Annual Enrollment Newsletter for Active Employees

Annual Enrollment Newsletter for Retired Employees


** Special Information for UT Brownsville, UT Pan American, and UT Rio Grande Valley**

Due to the opening of UT Rio Grande Valley on September 1, 2015, employees of UT Brownsville and UT Pan American will not participate in the usual Annual Enrollment period this year.   Retirees from UT Brownsville and UT Pan American will continue to participate in Annual Enrollment as usual this year.

Additional information is available here .

AE Highlights Videos

Employee Benefits Highlights
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