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Office of Employee Benefits Administrative Manual

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The UT Benefits program is currently in the process of completing a phased transition to a new version of the enrollment platform. In conjunction with this transition, some administrative policies will be changing to match the configuration of the new system. For institutions that have transitioned to the new platform, some policy changes will apply before the posted version of this manual is updated. The publicly posted version of this manual will be fully updated after all institutions have transitioned.

In particular, new employees at institutions using the new platform should be aware that when they are initially enrolling and adding dependents, the effective date for both employee and dependent medical coverage needs to be the same.

For details about how administrative policies currently apply at your specific institution, please contact the HR/Benefits Office at your institution


Table of Contents


Record of Revisions (Rev. 05/19)


Mission Statement


100. General Information

111. Uniform Insurance Benefits Act for Employees of The University of Texas System and The Texas A&M University System (Rev. 09/17)

  • Chapter 1601, Texas Insurance Code (Eff. 06/03, Last Rev. 09/17)

120. Office of Employee Benefits Administration (Rev. 09/17)

121. Benefits Advisory Committee (Eff. 06/18)

130. Office of Employee Benefits Terms and Definitions (Rev. 09/17)

140. Funding for Group Insurance Coverage (Rev. 09/17)

141. Waiting Period for Group Insurance Benefits (Rev. 09/14)

142. Premium Sharing for Graduate Students and Part-time Employees (Rev. 09/15)

150. Program to Prevent, Detect & Mitigate Identity Theft  (Eff. 08/09)

160. Tobacco Premium Program (Rev. 11/12)


200. Eligibility & Enrollment for Group Insurance

210. Employees (Rev. 09/17)

211. Certain Non-Employees (Eff. 09/17)

220. Retired Employees (Rev. 09/17)

230. Dependents (Rev. 09/17)

240. Surviving Dependents (Rev. 09/17)

250. COBRA Participants (Rev. 09/17)

260. Health Insurance Premium Payment Reimbursement Program (Rev. 09/08)

270. Evidence of Insurability (EOI) (Rev. 09/17)


300. Benefit Status Changes

310. Qualified Status Change Events (Rev. 09/17)

320. Active Military Duty (Eff. 06/10)


400. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (Eff. 04/14/03, Rev. 09/23/13)

  • HIPAA PRIVACY MANUAL for The University of Texas System Administration


500. Benefit Plan Descriptions

570. UT FLEX Program (Rev. 09/17)

571. UT FLEX Contribution Reporting (Rev. 08/13)

572. Address Change Procedures for UT FLEX Debit Card Participants (Rev. 09/09)

573. Annual Base Benefit Rate (ABBR) Calculation (Eff. 09/13)

574. Institution-based Voluntary Plans (Eff. 03/18)


700. Finance

701. Premium Billing & Remittance (Rev. 09/18)

702. Billing of Postage to Components (Eff. 09/02)

705. Employee Assistance Program (Rev. 01/11)

706. BCBS Eligibility Audit (Eff. 09/02)

707. Retroactive Eligibility Adjustments (Eff. 09/17)


800. Retirement Programs

810. Optional Retirement Program (Eff. 04/01/06, Rev. 08/06)

820. UTSaver Tax-Sheltered Annuity Program (Eff. 12/07/04, Rev. 08/06)

830. UTSaver Deferred Compensation Plan (Eff. 08/01/05, Rev. 08/06)

840. Investment Policy Statement (Eff. 03/01/10, Rev. 12/11)