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UT Benefits Billing for COBRA Coverage

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UT Benefits Billing for COBRA Coverage  

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a Federal law under which employees and their covered dependents have the opportunity for a temporary extension of medical, dental and/or vision coverage at group rates in instances where coverage under the plan would otherwise end.  In certain cases, it may be possible to continue HCRA coverage. The employee or dependent is responsible for the entire premium for COBRA coverage plus a two percent administrative fee.

For more information regarding COBRA eligibility and enrollment, please contact the UT institution where you were last employed no later than 60 days from the date of your active employee insurance termination.

For coverage starting September 1, 2015, UT Benefits Billing (UTBB) will become the UT COBRA administrator. All COBRA enrollment applications and monthly premium payments should be submitted to UTBB.

Payment Options Information

The monthly due date for COBRA insurance premium payments is the 1st of every month.

You will need your Benefits ID to make your payment. You can find your Benefits ID on your UT Select Medical ID card, your UT SELECT Prescription ID card, or feel free to call our office for assistance.

1. Debit via ACH – Below is the Authorization for Direct Payment/Debit via ACH form for your selected bank account. Premium payments will be debited on the 1st of each month.  If the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, the premium will be debited on the next business day.  Please complete and sign the form and return to UT COBRA.  Continue to make payments until you receive an ACH Confirmation Letter stating the beginning date that the bank draft will start. Your account must be in good standing and any outstanding balances paid in full.


UT Benefits Billing for COBRA Direct Payment/Debit Authorization Agreement

Mail ACH form to: 
Office of Employee Benefits – UT Benefits Billing for COBRA
The University of Texas System
210 W 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701


2. Mail check or money order to UT Benefits Billing for COBRA Coverage; UT System COBRA, P. O. Box 733195, Dallas, TX 75373-3195.

  • Make Payable to UT System
  • Please include the benefits ID number for COBRA participant on the check


3. Major Credit card/Debit card payments can be initiated 24/7 at the Texas State Comptroller’s UT COBRA website:

  • Please enter the COBRA participant’s benefit ID number on the site (NOT the benefit ID number of the person who is paying, if this differs from the subscriber).

In the Event of Non-Payment

All COBRA premiums are due on the 1st of every month. If a payment does not arrive by the 1st of a month, your coverage will be suspended until payment is received and processed by UTBB.

If your payment is not received within the 30 day grace period, then you will receive an “Early Termination of Coverage due to Non-Payment” letter. Your suspended coverage will be terminated as of the last day of the month for which payment was received and cannot be reinstated.

Please contact UTBB for assistance as soon as possible if your payment will be late or if you have questions about the early termination of coverage. You can reach UTBB COBRA billing specialists by phone at (844) 579-8683 (toll-free) or via email at



    (844) 579-8683

    9 am - 12 pm, 1 pm - 4 pm

    (512) 852-3204


    Office of Employee Benefits
    UT Benefits Billing for COBRA Coverage  
    210 W. 7th Street 
    Austin, Texas 78701

    UT System COBRA
    P.O. Box 733195
    Dallas, Texas 75373-3195