Nutrition at Your Fingertips

Check out these great free apps to help you stay healthy. All apps available to download using your mobile devices at Google Play or Apple (iOS) Store.

  • MyFitnessPal – This classic food and calorie tracker has the largest database of foods by far, and also tracks your exercise for basic but reliable, tried-and-true health monitoring.

  • Fresh Food Finder  –  This app tracks down all FDA-registered farmers’ markets near you or lets you search by city, state, or zip code so you can access the freshest in-season foods.  

  • BaglQ – BagIQ is an innovative app that helps you track what foods you buy at the grocery store and then compiles the information into red, yellow, or green infographics to help guide you toward purchasing healthier foods. 

  • HealthWatch360  –  Log the foods you have eaten and this app will supply you with various colorful, easy-to-read charts to display your eating trends and which foods supplied most of your daily calories.

  • Nutrition Quiz – Become a nutrition guru in no time! This fun app busts common nutrition myths, while also giving you informative nutrition tips and trivia. 

  • Cal Cutter – This app helps you prepare lower-calorie foods at home. Input a personal recipe and Cal Cutter supplies you with a healthier version. 

  • Sugar Cube – Although originally designed for those with diabetes, this eye-opening app can help anyone monitor their sugar intake.

  • ShopWell – Similar to BagIQ, this app helps you track what you buy at the grocery store, but also allows you to input any allergies or special dietary needs. ShopWell then gives suggestions and healthy alternatives based on what you have input and tracks the nutrients from the foods bought.

  • cTHRU – This nutrition app aims to increase nutrition knowledge by answering any questions you might have while grocery shopping. Relays nutrition and food label information in an easy-to-understand format so you can be confident knowing you are buying the healthiest foods. BONUS: this app also gives you loads of coupons!

  • HealthyOut – This app has you covered when you eat out this summer! Quickly find the healthiest dishes offered at numerous restaurants in over 500 cities. Also allows you to search for dishes such as “low calorie”, “paleo”, “gluten free”, and many others.