UT System Physical Activity Challenge


Register now!  Yo Ho Ho: Fall 2018 Challenge*

Want to go on an exciting pirate excursion to help you feel your best? Then sign up for Yo Ho Ho starting on September 17, 2018 and help your UT institution win the traveling trophy.


In Yo Ho Ho, you'll record exercise minutes or steps, plus practice gratitude, mindful eating and a daily quest activity, earning coins and artifacts as you build well-being habits that last long after your swashbuckling journey is over. 


Once you sign up, why not grab 3-4 pals and create a team? This friendly competition is a great way to stay motivated and focused. 


Your adventure awaits. Register for Yo Ho Ho starting on September 17 at www.utlivingwell.com and log your activity from October 1-28. 


Yo Ho Ho Challenge (1:38 min)

The challenge is open to UT SELECT and UT CONNECT medical plan members age 18 years old or older. 


REGISTER | www.utlivingwell.com

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The overall program goal is to earn 120 virtual coins within the 4 week challenge. A participant will accrue coins when logging steps, gratitude, mindful eating and daily quests.


Mindful eating: Earn one coin per day by eating at least one mindful meal or snack. To practice mindful eating, turn your attention inward. Focus on your food and senses with each bite; savor the colors, aromas, textures and tastes. Tune in to your senses of hunger and fullness. Be fully present for the whole experience of eating... not distracted by your phone, TV, or reading. 


Gratitude: Earn one coin per day by expressing gratitude at least once that day. Aim to express gratitude daily by writing a few things you're thankful for, sending a note of thanks, or showing appreciation to someone in person. 


Daily quests: Earn one coin per day by completing the daily quest. These will be listed each day where you log your activity.


Physical activity: Earn up to 5 coins per day by tracking minutes of exercise or steps. You can track steps manually or sync with your fitness device. 

     Earn 3 coins for 30-44 minutes/6,000-7,999 steps

     Earn 4 coins for 45-59 minutes/8,000-9,999 steps

     Earn 5 coins for 60+ minutes/10,000+ steps


Mobile App: Download the mobile app today! You can access everything through the mobile app that you can online. 


September 17-October8


October 1-28


October 29-30



10K-A-Day Year-long Activity Tracking Tool

10K-A-Day will be live for registration and logging activity from January 1 through December 31, 2018. 10K-A-Day is a physical activity campaign and tracking tool that challenges you to accumulate 10,000 steps each day, while virtually traversing a variety of global trails. As with WalktoberSpring Into Motion, and HealthTrails, you’ll have access to many well-being resources, social support features, and a database of healthy recipes. 10K-A-Day will be ongoing for a full year, allowing you to record your activity 24/7 and keep up with colleagues between UT System and Institution challenges. Register at  www.utlivingwell.comFor questions, reach out at www.utlivingwell.com/#/contact

Keep UT Active: UT System Spring 2018 Challenge

Congratulations to the three institutions who won the size-based categories!

  • Small Institution: UT Permian Basin
  • Medium Institution: UT Health San Antonio
  • Large Institution: UTHealth at Houston

Past Traveling Trophy Winners:

The UT System Physical Activity Challenge has been a Living Well tradition since 2008. The winner of each challenge has earned the “Traveling Trophy” that is passed on to the new winner in the following year. Beginning in 2015, we award three Traveling Trophies—one each for the small, medium, and large-sized winning institutions.

Fall 2017 Winners, Health Trails:

Small Institution:  UT Permian Basin 
Medium Institution:  UT Health San Antonio
Large Institution:  UTHealth at Houston

Spring 2017 Winners:

Small Institution:  UT Permian Basin 
Medium Institution:  UT Dallas
Large Institution:  UTHealth at Houston  

2016 Winners, Walktober:

Small Institution:  UT Permian Basin 
Medium Institution:  UT Health Science Center Houston  
Large Institution:  UT Austin

2015 Winners:

Small Institution: UT System Administration
Medium Institution: UT Health Science Center Houston
Large Institution: UT Medical Branch Galveston

2014: UT Pan American
2013: UT Pan American
2012: UT System Administration
2010: UT San Antonio
2009: UT Tyler 
2008: UT Health Science Center San Antonio 

*Those who are unable to meet the challenge requirements due to medical constraints may request an alternative challenge completion requirement. Please contact us at livingwell@utsystem.edu.