Contract Checklists

The Office of General Counsel creates checklists to help UT System institutions review and revise contracts they receive in great numbers, where the problems encountered tend to be the same every time, but where the vendors or sponsors usually will not agree to use our standard contracts. Software and database licenses are a primary example of this kind of contract. 

Checklists summarize the important features or concepts to look for, or in some cases to avoid, in reviewing a contract. Each of the following checklists contains detailed information to assist in its use and the Office of General Counsel conducts seminars in the use of these resources, as needed. In general, checklist procedures require that the reviewer familiarize him or herself with the checklist first to learn what to look for in the contract, to review each clause of a subject contract to determine whether it must be modified, and to conform the contract with the checklist requirements.

The Office of General Counsel has established checklists and procedures for processing contracts reviewed in accordance with the checklists in the following areas:

General Procedure Contracts


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