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Are you looking to supplement your career and enhance your professional skills?

The robust tuition assistance program permits eligible employees to enroll in coursework at an accredited college or university that will improve the employee's performance in their current or prospective job duties.  The program provides reimbursement of tuition and related fees of up to $4,500 following successful completion of graduate or undergraduate coursework subject to approval(s).  Certain limitations apply.

Before applying, please explore the eligibility requirements, application process, and frequently asked questions below.


To be eligible for the Employee Tuition Assistance Program, you must:

  • Be a full-time employee.
  • Be approved to participate in the Program by the department head and Chancellor's designee (department Executive or Vice Chancellor).
  • Be in and maintain non-probationary employment status and have received at least a "good" rating on the most recent performance evaluation.

Application Process

To apply for tuition assistance benefits, an employee must submit to the Office of Talent and Innovation (OTI):

  • Prior to the beginning of the course for which the employee is requesting assistance, eligible employees must submit a Tuition Assistance Program Application and a current copy of the degree plan to the Office of Talent and Innovation.
  • After coursework is completed, to receive reimbursement, a participating employee must submit an electronic expense report in accordance with applicable Accounting Services (AS) procedures within 30 calendar days after the completion of the coursework.  The following items must be included with the submission: Tuition Assistance Program Participation Agreement, receipts for payment for all tuition, required fees, and any other reimbursable program-related expenses.

The Tuition Assistance policy (HOP 3.2.5: Tuition Assistance) provides more details.


What is the maximum benefit available under the tuition assistance program ("Program")?

The maximum benefit allowable to the UT System Administration employee is $4,500 per calendar year not to exceed actual costs for tuition and allowable fees.  Reimbursement for private college or university education costs may not exceed the cost of comparable courses charged by the nearest state-supported four-year institution of higher education.

Is there a minimum period of employment required before an employee can participate in the program?

Employees who have completed their six-month probationary period are eligible to participate in the program.

Does UT System Administration pay for course tuition fees up-front, or after completion of the course(s)?

The program reimburses a participating employee after the completion of the coursework.  The employee must submit an electronic expense report within 30 calendar days after completion of the coursework in accordance with applicable Office of the Controller procedures as outlined in HOP 3.2.5 Tuition Assistance.

Is there a limit to the number of courses that can be taken under the program?

Program benefits to a participating employee are limited to two three-hour courses in one semester, or more than two semester credit courses provided the combined number of course hours do not exceed six.

Does the employee have to attend a UT institution to receive tuition assistance?

No.  Eligible employees may pursue coursework at any accredited college or university.  Reimbursement for tuition charged by a private college or university must not exceed the tuition amount charged by a comparable public college or university for the same courses.

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